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HawaiSlippers.com, specializes in Wholesale Rubber Hawai Slippers! Best Wholesale Price Guaranteed!

Buy Wholesale Rubber & EVA Hawai Slippers. We offer gents slippers, ladies slippers, kids slippers, rubber slippers, fashionable slippers, Screen Print slippers, Health (Blood Pressure Control), Hawai Chappal, Rubber Hawai Chappal and many other rubber hawai slippers. Our hawai slippers are manufactured in Thailand and we do offer customization of the products with minimum order quantity. With 30+ years are manufacturing experience we know what we are producing which enable us to provide the lowest possible market price for Wholesalers.

We’re Here to Help our Wholesaler to Become Market Leader in their Respective Territory!

Through our Sincere effort to Deliver Competitive Product at Competitive Price

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We Manufacture, Trade and Export.

Wholesalers Don’t Miss Out! Work with Us and Become Market Leader in your Respective Territory! We have “One Brand One Customer Policy” – All Our Items are meant for Export. We do not sell Locally!

Through our Sincere effort, we are here to Deliver Export Quality Rubber Slippers at Competitive Market Rate

Wholesale Slippers

HawaiSlippers.com, one stop service for Wholesale Rubber Slippers! Our commitment towards Wholesalers. Best Wholesale Price Guaranteed!

Our collection of Rubber Hawai Slippers comes with Unlimited Designs and Carters Different Market Segments. Best Wholesale Price Guaranteed! We offer customization, offer depends upon bulk order quantity.

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