Printed Rubber Slippers

Printed Thai Rubber Slippers – Made in Thailand Screen-Printed Rubber EVA Slippers at Low Rates – One Stop Service for Importing Printed Rubber EVA Slippers at bargain rate for Importers and Distributors

Printed Rubber Slippers are being manufactured in Thailand are of good quality. These printed rubber slippers are being made available in various prints and designs. We do allow custom printing as well. Thailand printed rubber slippers at low rates are manufactured in Thailand and are of good quality. Screen printed rubber slippers adds extra elegance to the slippers. Printed rubber slippers are commonly available in market however we do stand out in terms of design and quality. There are varieties of printed rubber slippers and demand of these types of screen-printed rubber slippers are increasing widely among different countries. All these screen-printed rubber slippers are designed with care to have long lasting print transferred over the slippers. Loved by todays fashionable generating these printed rubber slippers are becoming fashion statements. Importers are lured towards Printed Rubber Slippers mainly due to long life of good quality of rubber slippers and ease of selling these slippers in the market. Our screen printed rubber slippers are of good quality and are being sold mainly due to its economical and affordable rate.

We are there to aid business engaged in importing printed rubber slippers, we are there to support importers as we work under “One Brand One Importer Policy”. This will avoid any and all sort of competition for the brand and hence aid in creating monopoly for printed rubber slippers.

Get in touch with us! We have wide range of Screen Printed Rubber Slippers for export.

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