Thai Classic Genuine Elephant Star Brand 100% Rubber Slipper

100% Rubber Slipper - Made from Natural Rubber

Thai Classic Genuine Elephant Star Brand 100% Rubber Slipper


Our super premium quality Thai classic genuine rubber slipper comes has a bright white upper and a colorful lower base. The block design Wild Elephant embedded high quality rubber slippers speaks for themselves. These genuine classic style pure natural rubber based slippers are renowned for it’s long-life durability and utmost comfort. Elephant branded classic genuine rubber slipper are constructed from natural rubber. A perfect summer collection for your modern look with classic touch of a genuine classic rubber slippers. Premium Rubber Slipper

  • Super Premium Quality Slipper
  • Wild Elephant Brand Rubber Slipper
  • Unisex meant for both Men and Women
  • Highly Durable and Anti-Slip Slipper
  • Premium Quality Classic Genuine Rubber Slippers
  • 100% Genuine Rubber Classic Slippers



Genuine Wild Elephant Star brand rubber slipper is processed under our pet formula comfortable and non-slippery made from natural rubber. These Wild Elephant star brand rubber slipper goes under strict monitored process under our special methodology. It is a slow and time consuming process where we give time for all the raw material to blend properly and kept aside in a cooler place. Our Wild Elephant star brand rubber slippers are extremely highly durable and person wearing the slipper would actually feel the difference between regular slipper and our branded Wild Elephant Star Slipper. Wearable life duration of these slipper would last at-least around two years. These specially formulated Wild Elephant Star branded rubber slippers are meant for comfort and very high durability.

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Wild Elephant Star


9 inch, 9.5 inch, 10 inch 10.5 inch, 11 inch



Material Sole





None, pattern upper


600 Dozens


OEM Not Offered



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