Custom Logo Flip flops Professionally Printed Custom Rubber Flip Flops

Men Professionally Printed Logo Flip-Flops, Screen Printed Logo Slipper, Custom Logo Fashionable Thongs

Custom Logo Flip flops Professionally Printed Custom Rubber Flip Flops


Custom logo professionally printed flip flops are made of two layers. These custom printed flip flops comes with a matching color strap. Bulk buyer interested in having their own custom logo printed on the slippers are allowed to do so provided that the order volume is large enough to cover the cost of the production. These are good quality flip flops which we allow customization of logo print for bulk buyers. Fashionable flip flops with customized logo printed on the sole adds unique value proposition to the seller. The item doesn’t match in the market hence the brand itself stands out. Don’t miss out. Get in touch now!
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed | Wholesale Rubber Slippers

  • Premium Quality Slipper
  • Natual Rubber Based Slippers
  • Custom Logo Rubber Slippers
  • Highly Durable Hawaii Chappal
  • Comfortable Natural Non-Slippery Slipper



Professionally printed custom flip flops are being made available for buyers interested in custom designed flip flops. The need of custom logo professionally printed flip flops are arising due to stiff competitive market and engagement of brand eccentric flip flops. We encourage bulk buyers to engage with us to get their customized professionally printed logo on the flip flops. Our flip flops will be available for customization of exiting rubber straps and rubber sole. The bulk buyer can engage themselves to get their customized flip flops printed professionally at our manufacturing base.

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9 inch, 9.5 inch, 10 inch 10.5 inch, 11 inch



Material Sole





Logo Screen Printed


600 Dozens


OEM offered



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