Hawai Chappal are popular classic slippers which used to come under just one design. White upper with blue sole and blue strap. These slippers later with time started to be transformed and now are available with fashionable looks and style. Chappal is a hindi term for Slippers and also popularly known as flip flops or thongs. Hawai Chappal are still loved and used on a daily basis. People from various part of the world prefer Hawai Chappal made from natural rubber. It is preferred over PVC and synthetic slippers mainly due to comfort and no adverse affect on the feet.

Classic vintage genuine Rubber Hawai Chappal are made from natural rubber. Rubber hawai chappal composition of raw material and production formula differs from different manufacturer. To avoid shrinkage of these rubber hawai chappals the rubber sheet is prepared and kept for various days to avoid shrinkage and provide longer life of these rubber hawai chappal.

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