Superstition with chappals might come as a great surprise to many of our readers that there are many superstition associated with chappals. So here are some of the fascinating superstitious stories related with slippers or flip-flops also known as chappals in indian sub-continent.

  1. In Indian sub continental countries like Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Bhutan it is believed that leaving your chappal (Indian name for slipper/ flip flops) upside down will bring some sort of bad luck. Adding up to this superstition, in japan if your slipper is turned upside down than it brings in bad weather.
  2. Another popular superstition which you get to see in many Indian sub continental countries is that many trucks and loaders have chappal (Indian name for slipper or flip flops) tied to their back bumper to ward off evil and bad luck to their vehicle.
  3. This particular superstition has been shown so much on movies and serials that you must be all aware about it. And the superstition that I am talking about is tying an old slipper or shoe in new married couple’s ride. It is believed that this brings in good luck and symbolizes fertility.
  4. In Arabic country throwing your slipper at someone or to hit someone with your slipper is considered most disgraceful and humiliating action.
  5. Never leave your slippers on top of a table. This might basically for a hygiene reason than being a superstition.
  6. In many parts of the world it is considered bad luck to go in your bed with your slippers on.
  7. In many Asian countries like Indian, Nepal and Thailand, it considered bad to wear slippers inside the house as it is believed it brings impurity and is some sort of insult to their gods. Going along with this superstition in Hawaii this particular action is believed to bring in the devil if you do so.
  8. Wearing a dead man’s slipper is believed to bring in lot of bad luck to one who wears it.

We guess almost everyone would be might be amazed, surprised and fascinated by hearing all these superstition related to chappals mentioned in example above are just a tip of an iceberg and there are many more superstition which people related to slippers. All these superstition have been sub-consciously engrained in our mindset and we follow it without knowing about it. So how many of these superstition do you follow?

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