Flip-flops are light weight rubber slippers commonly know as Chappals in India. Term Chappals are commonly used in India and the trend has started picking up late 2011. Common search term are Online Chappals, Ladies Chappals and Kolhapuri Chappals current searches which are rising Bata Chappals, Chappal and Chappals for men.

In 2011 for if we compare searches for Flop-flops against Chappals we see for every 30 searches made on Chappsls 10 searches were seen for Flip-flops. While Flip-flops are commonly searched in Philippine, Germany, United Kingdom and United States. Interest for term Flipflops in India is seeing an upward trend.

Both Flip-flops and Chappals although are seen popular over different Origin Country total searches alone rising from India has overtook all searches made on term Flip-flops.

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