Logo embedded rubber flip-flops is one the popular form of footwear in the world, and the reason for it being so is due to its durability and comfort. One of the major user of these logo embedded rubber slipper/flip-flops (also known as chappal in Indian sub-continental region) are Myanmar, Bhutan, Nepal, India and Bangladesh. Due popularity among the customers many brands have tried their hands on this product but here are few those brands which have been able to come out on top compared to their competitors and their names are as following Wild Horse, Horse No. 1 and Horse Star. So I’ll be further talking about the quality and features which makes these above mentioned brand more attractive in customer’s eye.

As we all know that Thailand produces A grade rubber product so eyeing in this opportunity makers of Wild horse, Horse No. 1 and Horse Star’s slipper/flip-flops are manufactured in Thailand. By manufacturing Thailand gives upper hand not only in terms of availability of the rubber which is the major raw material used in sipper/flip-flop’s manufacturing but skilled manpower and technological advancement of factory also plays an vital role in ensuring better quality rubber slippers/flip-flops to its customers at a reasonable price.

Now here are some of the features seen in rubber slippers/flip-flops manufactured by the wild horse, horse number one and horse star:
1. Laces or straps in rubber slipper/flip-flops manufactured by wild horse, horse number one and horse star is that it durable and has more elastic feeling towards it compared to its competitors. One important thing to notice over here is the fact that makers of these rubber slipper/flip-flops have not sacrificed comfort in order to make it more durable therefore there are less complains about blisters among the customer.

2. It gives you the option of different types of color to choose from. At present they have four color from which customers can choose their favorite one.

3. Durable sole: One of the major complaining point of all the slipper/flip-flop wearer is that its sole dies off quite soon. So considering this point in view horse star, wild horse and horse number one has given more effort in ensuring that their rubber slipper/flip-flop has a good quality sole with a long durability. To ensure this they have added plastic on the sole and made its sole harder. By doing so they were able to ensure the durability of the sole.

As we can see from the above mentioned features of Horse Star, Wild Horse and Horse No. 1 that they are more than ever oriented to give what customer want at a price at which they can make purchase. Therefore with their continuous effort in making rubber slipper/flip-flops more comfortable and desirable for customers to wear it, it seems popularity of these brands will grow even more in the future.

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