Importing rubber slippers from manufacturer allows importers to import customized rubber slippers from slippers suppliers. Rubber Slippers of export quality are being exported from Thailand mainly aided by the abundance supply of natural rubber. The natural rubber industry of Thailand is a top notch among natural rubber producing nations worldwide. A number of rubber made products are produced in Thailand for local consumption and mainly meant for exporting. Automotive products including Tyre, footwear items not limited to rubber slippers and shoes are being manufactured in Thailand and are being exported to various countries.

Thailand has a number of manufacturers producing rubber slippers. Some of the popular slippers in the local market are Mixstar, Apollo, Metstar, Wild Horse, Horse N0. 1 and Nanyang. These Rubber slippers produced by manufacturers based in Thailand are being imported by importers across the globe. Thai export quality rubber slippers are gaining momentum in South Asian countries such as India, Nepal and Pakistan. Rubber slippers manufactured by Thai based company is available for importer on targeted to imports interested in importing export quality rubber slippers at competitive price.