With coming of time, our reference to certain things has changed from the initial intent to which it was made for. One of the prime examples of this scenario is clothes, which was initially made for covering up our body and protect us from external climate in which we live but in present day and age of time clothes is merely just used to cover our body but is considered as fashion, status symbol and many other things. So moving with the topic, another example of such change in reference is flip-flops about which we are going to describe more in detail.

As we all are aware of the fact that primary use of flip-flop is basically to protect our feet from getting hurt from external elements present in our environment but in today’s world flip-flop serves more than just that. People see flip-flops not only as protective gear but they also perceive as fashion symbol and health care solution.

Fashion flip-flops are those flip-flops which people wear it for its style symbol rather than its initially indented purpose of safety. Being fashionable is very much necessary in today’s world as it gives you sense of being accepted in the society, therefore from head to toe all attire you wear these day are in some sense are being made to make you look fashionable. Similarly flip-flops is also not apart from this trend. So you can see people wearing different sort of flip-flops with multiple colors and design and even different flip-flop created for different occasion and location. One of the prime example of this is beach flip-flop which u wear at beaches to match with your beach attire.

Another change in reference in regards to flip-flop is that it is seen as health care solution as well. As we are moving toward more fast paced and hectic life style, we are not able to give that much of an attention to our health as we wanted to. Therefore flip-flop makers came up with flip-flops with health benefits. Its even called health flip-flops. As people realize that health is the most valuable asset that they have more and more people are inclined to use to these types of health flip-flops. Health flip-flops health benefits as claimed by the makers is that it helps in regulating blood flow, bone related issue, controls blood pressure and many more. So as per the health condition different flip-flops come into the market.

So as history is evident that in life nothing is constant other than change itself. Therefore in coming time we can see more different type of flip-flops in market which serves more purpose other than just for safety purpose.

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