Hawai Chappal Rubber Thongs Flip Flops Hawai Chappal

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Hawai Chappal are popular classic slippers which used to come under just one design. White upper with blue sole and blue strap. These slippers later with time started to be transformed and now are available with fashionable looks and style. Chappal is a hindi term for Slippers and also popularly known [...]

Import Rubber Slippers from Thai Manufacturer Export Quality Rubber Slippers for Importers

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Importing rubber slippers from manufacturer allows importers to import customized rubber slippers from slippers suppliers. Rubber Slippers of export quality are being exported from Thailand mainly aided by the abundance supply of natural rubber. The natural rubber industry of Thailand is a top notch among natural rubber producing nations worldwide. A [...]

Superstition about Chappals or Slippers

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Superstition with chappals might come as a great surprise to many of our readers that there are many superstition associated with chappals. So here are some of the fascinating superstitious stories related with slippers or flip-flops also known as chappals in indian sub-continent. In Indian sub continental countries like Nepal, India, Pakistan, [...]

Fashion Flip-Flops Fashion Statements

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With coming of time, our reference to certain things has changed from the initial intent to which it was made for. One of the prime examples of this scenario is clothes, which was initially made for covering up our body and protect us from external climate in which we live but [...]

Search Trend of Flip-Flops vs. Chappals

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Flip-flops are light weight rubber slippers commonly know as Chappals in India. Term Chappals are commonly used in India and the trend has started picking up late 2011. Common search term are Online Chappals, Ladies Chappals and Kolhapuri Chappals current searches which are rising Bata Chappals, Chappal and Chappals for men. [...]

Difference between Flip Flops and Slippers

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There are many words in English language which bears the similar meaning and this similarity in meaning causes large amount of confusion among the English language users. For example hill and mountain, lake and pond, sea and ocean and this list can go on. Case what I am trying to bring [...]

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