There are many words in English language which bears the similar meaning and this similarity in meaning causes large amount of confusion among the English language users. For example hill and mountain, lake and pond, sea and ocean and this list can go on. Case what I am trying to bring out is that earlier mentioned words may two different words but for general English speaker it resembles similar meaning. Just as above mentioned example one other words toward which people have such misconception is slippers and flip-flops. So I would like to clarify exact meaning of those two words and try to end your misconception regards these foot wares.

Slippers and flip-flops are both forms of foot wear and people think one is British English and other is American English, but this is not the case as these two are completely two different things. To start off it is very important to understand what both slippers and flip-flops exactly mean therefore here are the meanings of these two different kinds of foot wears.

Slippers: In very simple term slippers can be defined as light shoe which is usually worn inside the house and its shape, size and materials are not particularly defined. Where as in India, where slippers are also called by the names of rubber slippers and rubber chappal, is usually worn outside the house as well.

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Now coming to the important issue that is to clarify what is the difference between slippers and flip-flops. As you can take a guess from above mentioned definition of those the term that one of the major difference between slippers and flip-flop is that slippers are basically wore inside the house and flip-flop are meant to be wore outside the house. Other than this, another important distinction between these two foot wear is that slippers have no defined shape and style whereas flip-flop have defined shape and size. Lastly one important thing is that in Indian sub-continental countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh slipper(known as rubber slipper and rubber chappal) are wore outside of home as well.

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