Flip Flops are “Y” shaped Strap where the big toe resides between “Y” shaped strap and other toes lies left to it. Flip Flops are light weight rubber slippers which are also commonly known as Chappals in South Asian region. these flip flops were popular due to comfort and overtime these light weight slipper became popular and people started wearing them as a beach slipper or even casual wear. It is slightly different compared to normal Hawai Slipper. It has all in all three layers which compromises shine white top with embodied with a logo of Horse. While the base of the slipper is navy blue and the middle layer is sky blue. These slippers comes with a strap which usually match the base of the slipper.

Another variety of hawai slipper comes with a single color base and a white shiny top sleek design. The round upper logo is embodied with Elephant design and this slipper is popular with the name of Wild Elephant. Strap styles either comes with leaf design another with horse mini logo. Both straps are equally durable and popular. In the end it is consumers taste which decides which strap design they would prefer for their slipper.

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