Wholesale Kids Rubber Slippers Bangkok Thailand

Wholesale Kids Rubber Slippers Bangkok Thailand


Wholesalers are always looking for Kids Slippers at competitive market price. We have decoded the formula for Kids rubber slippers. We are providing wholesalers with an alternative option for expensive Kids Slippers. Our slippers are best suited for wholesalers seeking Kids cartoon printed rubber slippers. To further enhance the price and durability we have replaced rubber slippers with PVC strap and enhanced the quality by adding extra rubber to the sole. We have varieties of Rubber and EVA Slipper for kids at our manufacturing outlet all available at wholesale price ready to be shipped. These cheap kids cartoon slippers are colorful yet best suited for kids. Wait we are not done yet, we are also providing our wholesalers with option to replace print your logo at no additional cost. Why opt for Chinese Kids Slippers if you are able to get better pricing, better quality and overall better product with your custom logo? Our wholesale kids slippers are available at Competitive Market rates. Alternative to Kids slippers from China switch to our Thailand manufactured wholesale kids cartoon printed slippers with option to fully customize the screen. Also, we are willing to consider your prints and design. Our minimum order quantity is 50 dozens or 600 pairs.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed | Wholesale Rubber Slippers

  • Kids Friendly
  • Cartoon Character printed
  • Skin Friendly and Bacteria Free
  • Must Have Collection for Kids
  • Value for Money


Cartoon printed wholesale kids rubber slippers manufactured in Bangkok, Thailand. We understand kids, hence to provide longer life to the product we have replaced the rubber strap to PVC strap allowing us room to reduce the cost. Wholesale EVA Rubber slipper for kids at competitive market price. This slipper will be loved by any kids. These slippers comes with transparent color strap which matches with the design printed on the upper sole.

Additional information


Wild Horse


Toddler size



Material Sole

EVA, PVC, Rubber




Cartoon Character Printed


600 Dozens


OEM offered



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