Hawai Chappal as we all are aware that India’s geographical and climatic structure is diverse and varies from places to places but in general its large portion of area is very hot and humid, therefore chappal (Indian word for slippers and flip-flop) plays an important part in their regular attire. As mentioned above due to India’s hot and humid weather system throughout the greater portion of India, people’s first preference is chappal than other form of footwear.

It can also be argued that introduction of shoe was only after the British Empire colonized the Indian sub-continent which is roughly 300 years ago. Before that it can be assumed that Chappal were the only form of footwear available to Indian sub-continent people at that time.
Due to all these reason, till this day of time Indian people still have great fondness to Chappal. With due course of time, forms of Chappal has changed its style and design. Basically Chappal at its early period was made out of wood but with innovation and availability of newer form of raw material Chappal’s form also changed.

At present day of time two basic raw materials used in making Chappal are leather and rubber. India’s history with leather Chappal is rich as its two of its most widely used Chappals are Kolhapuri and Peshawari Chappal. They might not be used in much of day to day life but still garners lot of demand in Indian market. These two Chappals are hand crafted leather slippers made in Indian subcontinent.

But due to cost of manufacturing and availability of raw material leather slippers are not much of convenience. Therefore newer for of Chappals are in demand in Indian market these days. Rubber slippers also known as Hawai Chappal by many Indian people. Due to its low cost and comfort while wearing, it’s the most desired form of Chappal in Indian market as of today. Along with Indian and Srilanka, southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Malaysia has large amount of rubber plantation due to which making the availability of rubber more easy.

With newer style and form of slipper and flip flops coming on its ways to market thanks to manufacturing advancement it can be surely be assured that India’s love for Chappals are bound to reach new heights.

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