Premium Logo Rubber Slippers King Horse. We are into the business of Slippers since last 40+ years. We have different range of slippers to carter the need of the market. We are here to solve the problem of supplying logo slippers likes of Horse Star and Knight Horse. There are various premium slippers in market which are produced by locals On the other end the game is never over until there is a checkmate and King has no step to move.

Now with the similar concept if compare different brands of slippers with horse logo available in market King Horse will out-shed all other Horse slippers like Knight Horse, Fight Horse, Horse Star and other logo slippers. It is not merely due to King Power but it is driven mainly due to Quality, Durability and Competitiveness in Price. Pricing is a major factor in every market but pricing alone doesn’t guarantee the durability of the slipper. King Horse stands both in terms of pricing and durability. It can definitely compete with Horse Star, Knight Horse, Fight Horse and other Logo Slippers.

Manufactured in Thailand and shipped across various part of the world not limited to India, Nepal, China, African Continents. King Horse Branded logo Slippers with Made in Thailand stamped engraved in the outer sole and a matching strap has logo of horse embossed. These logo slippers standouts in design which makes these slipper unique among other thai slippers available in the market. Our Wholesalers definitely have advantage of this uniquely designed slippers which is available at the most competitive price in the market. Please contact us for more details at: [email protected]

Export Quality Rubber Slippers at Bargain Rate: