Varieties of collection of rubber slippers are available for you at These slippers are made of natural rubbers, Eva and with high strength and are “Made in Thailand”. These slipper manufacture / produce at our Thailand based plant where we have dedicated CAD graphic designers. We are open to OEM and can print any designs and our wholesalers deemed necessary for their market.

Currently we are exporting varieties of screen print “Animal Print”, “Flower Print” , “Fruit Print” to our wholesalers in Burma, India, Nepal, the Philippines and opening for few more market soon. Logo print such as “Wild Horse” and “Kuboro” are few example of logo print hawai slippers for our customer. We welcome any OEM for any kind of Logo or designs on the slippers.

Our Men collection includes hawai slippers with  print such as “Facebook”, “Tiger” and various artistic eye catching designs. These screen print slippers comes with different type of soles. Black sole, Color upper with black sole, two tone color sole and single color sole. We do have varieties of strap ranging from leaf design, Horse logo embedded strap, Japanese Block style rubber straps. A number of PVC strap to meet the growing demand of the market.

Please do contact us for further queries you might have, we have large collection to offer to our wholesalers and are ready to create more designs and prints as deemed necessary for our wholesalers.

Export Quality Rubber Slippers at Bargain Rate: