Premium quality rubber slippers are available for you at Premium hawai rubber slipper manufactured at our Thailand based unit are of high grade rubber slipper which are highly durable, light weight and comfortable to wear. “Made in Thailand” premium slippers that has been exported to various part of the world have high reputation for it’s quality in their respective market.

The non slippery sole with elegant design has earned these premium slippers a good name in the market. In our production line we have been constantly developing various vibrant color and combination to meet the market demand. We do offer high quality rubber strap (thong) which adds life to the slippers, as star is considered an important element of the overall quality of the slippers.

We constantly developing and increasing our varieties to include PVC straps to meet the new market trends for our wholesalers. We have large collection of premium rubber slippers with Tone Tone, Single Color, Double Colors, varieties of layered colors and so on….

Please do contact us for further queries you might have, we always welcome OEM and look for forward for long term business relations, where we commit for the best price and support to our wholesalers with the best quality to relay upon.

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