Men Fusion Flipflops Supplier Beachwear Slippers

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Men Fusion Flipflops Supplier Beachwear Slippers


Fusion rubber flipflops are our rubber based flipflops made considering the demand in the market seen for Rubber flipflops with printed screen design. This particular flipflop is meant for beachwear and comes with upper and lower colorful sole and middle part of this flipflop is made of different color. The color of strap resembles the inserted layer between upper and lower sole. The lower sole pate is also know as block style and these are popular among different beachwear flipflops. Our fusion flipflops are available for bulk buyers with commitment to modify the screen-print as per there requirement provided they meet our minimum order quantity need. We are willing to supply these fusion flipflops and even authorize distributors and supplier in different territories.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed | Wholesale Rubber Slippers

  • High Grade Rubber Strap Slippers
  • FusionLite printed Rubber Thong
  • Anti slip Rubber Thong
  • Grid Shape Sole Design Rubber and EVA Slipper


Fusion flipflops are getting popular rapidly. They are starting to capture interest of all fashion geeks. Traditionally Rubber slippers with white upper and colorful sole were quiet popular also known widely as Nanyang slipper in Thailand. But Nanyang style of slippers are now history. It is time for fusion flipflops more attractive color and designs. These slippers are popular among all fashion geeks specially ideal for beachwear. Colorful, bright and made of rubber sole and strap these types of slippers are often seen being worn on beach.

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9 inch, 9.5 inch, 10 inch 10.5 inch, 11 inch


Brown, Red

Material Sole

EVA, PVC, Rubber






600 Dozens


OEM offered



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