Natural Rubber Vintage Slipper 100% Rubber Hawai Chappal

100% Rubber Slipper - Made from Natural Rubber

Natural Rubber Vintage Slipper 100% Rubber Hawai Chappal


Vintage style natural rubber based rubber slipper comes with white upper and color lower sole. Vintage style rubber slipper are genuine 100% rubber based slipper and are popularly known for it’s high durability and comfort and coolness provided to the feet. Made out of natural rubber these 100% genuine rubber slippers are popular under brand name Elephat or also known as Hatthi Chappal or Chang Slipper. The block design lower sole has embeded word Wild Elephant. These genuine vintage style natural rubber based slippers are highly durable and comfy. Ourvintage rubber slipper are perfect for summer and indeed it is a true beach slipper providing your grip while you walk on the beach. Premium Rubber Slipper

  • Super Premium Quality Slipper
  • Highly Durable Hawaii Chappal
  • 100% Natual Rubber Based Slippers
  • Vintage Wild Elephant Rubber Slipper
  • Premium Quality Vintage Rubber Slippers
  • Comfortable Natural Non-Slippery Slipper



Our natural rubber based vintage style classic rubber slipper is King of all Slippers. It is highly durable and made from genuine natural rubber imported from south of Thailand. 100% Rubber hawai chappal vintage style also popularly known as rubber hawai chappal or rubber hawaii chappal. Popularity of these vintage rubber chappal. Genuine rubber slippers are difficult to find and it is always recommended to wear pure natural rubber based slipper mainly due to the high percentage of natural rubber used in the slipper. Natural rubber based slippers are comfortable and keep the feet cool. It does not have any adverse effect. Things made from nature are always beneficial for daily usage. In the mordern era where everyone is rushing with their daily needs we recommend our popular vintage rubber slippers as it is made from 100% genuine natural rubber slippers procured directly under our direct supervision.

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Wild Elephant Star


9 inch, 9.5 inch, 10 inch 10.5 inch, 11 inch



Material Sole





None, Logo Embedded


600 Dozens


OEM Not Offered



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