Top Quality Wild Horse Rubber Slippers Wholesale

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Top Quality Wild Horse Rubber Slippers Wholesale


Top Quality Rubber slippers for our Wholesalers! The offered slippers are made of Natural rubber keeping in mind the rough usage of the slippers. Our team makes use of premium-grade material in manufacturing process and adhere to the process and guidelines stated under the supervision of our dedicated production manager.The offered slipper is Best price Guaranteed for our wholesalers. Please drop us a line for more details.

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Top Quality rubber slippers form our manufacturing unit, especially designed and produce for wholesalers opting for high grade yet reasonably priced natural rubber slippers. The offered item is branded as “wild Horse” and are available in four major colors: Red, Green, Blue and Brown. The strap is natural rubber made engraved with horse logo into it. The lower sole is designed in such a way that it does not slip non slippery surface.

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Wild Horse






None, Logo Embedded


600 Dozens


OEM Not Offered



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