Cheap Light Weight White Top Classic Boys Rubber Chappals

Cheap Light Weight White Top Classic Boys Rubber Chappals


Hawai Chappals for Boys are also commonly known as Lightweight Hawai Chapplas. The term Hawai Chappal comes from India which is also spelled as Hawaii Chappals or Havai Chappal which in hindi script is written as हवाई चप्पल. This specific Hawaii Chappals are designed for Kids, it is a simple casual wear Chappal (चप्पल) meant for keep your feel cool. We would love to get everyone switching to Hawai Chappal as these Chappals are made out of nature products and are bio-degradable which will help indirectly support the environment. Why not we start this from Boys? Our Boys Hawai Chappals are cheap and affordable yet highly durable. Classic Hawai Chappals with modern tough are available for Wholesalers.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed | Wholesale Rubber Slippers

  • Boy Rubber Slippers
  • Factory Price
  • Direct from Manufacturer
  • Made from Natural Rubber
  • Havai or Hawwai or Hawaii Chappals
  • Cheap, Affordable and Bio-degradable Rubber Chappals


Cheap light weight Boys Hawai Chappals are made out of Thai natural rubber. To add a modern touch to commonly sold Hawai Chappals we have developed two tones color sole Chappal with white upper top. Classic Hawai Chappals are common in Indian sub-continent mainly seen used by majority of the people in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan. Get in touch! We have got this White Top Classic Boys Chappals in five different colors: Red, Green, Blue, Brown and Orange. If you are looking into new colors send us your picture and we will definitely look into it.

Additional information


Wild Horse


Junior size


Orange Two Tone

Material Sole

EVA, Rubber




None, Logo Embedded


600 Dozens


OEM Not Offered



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